Your Plans Can Bring Your Dream Extension To Reality


At Your Plans, we can design your two storey extensions. Two Storey extensions are great for gaining that well needed additional space for your family.

Building two storeys rather than one is a great idea for those who are looking to achieve maximum value for money with their house extension idea, as the average cost per square metre (m²) is reduced by stretching the more expensive elements of roof and foundations over a larger area.

Two Storey Extension drawings are required as part of the planning permission process. Local Authorities require a valid set of architectural drawings showing the existing and proposed drawings of the house. This allows the councils to assess the designs and ensure that they are compliant with planning regulations.

On validation of the application, the neighbour consultations will begin, and notices placed on site for the attention of local residents, to allow them to comment on the applications. Full planning permission requires 8-12 weeks for a decision notice to be issues. Rest be assured, YourPlans UK and our team of expert designers, ensure that extension drawings are prepared in line with planning guidance and work with the Local Authorities, not against.

Future Permitted Development Rights For Two Storey Extensions


Permitted Development rights will be extended to enable homeowners to add up to two additional storeys to their home through a fast-track approval process, the government has confirmed.

The new rules will come into effect by September to help homeowners gain more living space - with a requirement to carefully consider the appearance of the extension and how this could impact neighbours.

The widely-expected announcement follows an update to Permitted Development in June, which will allow two-storey upwards extensions to blocks of flats from 1 August.

Two Storey extensions will require building regulations drawings and structural design drawings to be submitted to the approving body, prior to commencement of works.


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